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Get ZDHC MRSL certification (ChemCheck) for your chemical product!

A chemical product conforms to the ZDHC MRSL when it does not contain substances that are listed on the ZDHC MRSL at levels above the set limits. Finding and using those chemical products listed on the ZDHC Gateway helps to reduce risk and environmental impact.

There are three levels of ZDHC MRSL conformance. Higher levels of conformance mean more confidence in the consistency of the chemical product’s ZDHC MRSL conformance and more in-depth evaluation (e.g. product stewardship systems and on-site audit at the chemical manufacturer). All ZDHC MRSL conformant chemical products are registered on the ZDHC Gateway and hold a ZDHC ChemCheck as proof.

Find ZDHC Approved Certification Standards and ZDHC Approved Certification Bodies to get the ZDHC ChemCheck for your chemical product as proof for ZDHC MRSL conformance.




Get your wastewater tested according to the ZDHC Wastewater Guidelines

The ZDHC ClearStream report reflects the performance of a facility in relation to ZDHC wastewater conformance requirements. ZDHC Approved Laboratories upload it to your ZDHC Gateway account and thereby enable easy sharing customers. Doing the ClearStream helps to avoid duplicative wastewater testing, as it is accepted by Brands and industry certification schemes alike.

Click on the below to identify the ZDHC Approved Wastewater Laboratories that can provide you with the ClearStream for your type of production and in your location.


ZDHC Approved Training Providers in your region

ZDHC Academy training courses and e-learning modules provide the opportunity to improve knowledge and skills in sustainable chemical and wastewater management. If you are planning a capacity building project, a training programme for your suppliers or you and your colleagues would like to benefit from the ZDHC Academy training yourselves. The ZDHC Academy offers different courses in various locations, or online - here is were you find the opportunities with our Approved Training Providers.

A ZDHC Approved Training Provider offers capacity-building and training services either in-person, online or in a hybrid format by using training materials or training curricula defined or endorsed by the ZDHC Academy.



Performance InCheck

Is your chemical inventory meeting ZDHC MRSL conformance?

The answer can best be provided when a chemical inventory is checked against the ZDHC Gateway database. Hence doing this manually is a lengthy process and entails the risk of human error. Our solution: The ZDHC Performance InCheck.

The ZDHC Performance InCheck process enables a manufacturing supplier to digitise their chemical inventory and run a self-assessment very easily. The Performance InCheck Report is thereby generated, providing the manufacturing supplier with a PDF or data to share - also instantly and automatically on the ZDHC Gateway.

All there is to do is to engage with one of the ZDHC Approved Performance InCheck Providers and start the regular reporting!

Verified InCheck

Verify the accuracy of the inventory conformance reports

Regular ZDHC Performance InCheck reporting shows the manufacturing suppliers' self-assessment of their facilities chemical inventory with the ZDHC MRSL. You find the numbers are too constant, or fluctuating too much, or too perfect? An onsite spot check by a ZDHC Approved InCheck Verifier starts to build trust in the self-assessments done.

Boost your customers' trust in your Performance InCheck reporting and find a ZDHC Approved InCheck Verifier in your region.