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SCM-Training - Textile industry

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TESTEX is an international and independent Swiss testing and certification institute. We focus on testing and certifying textiles and leather products.

TESTEX is a traditional Swiss company. It was established back in 1846 as the ‘Zurich Silk Conditioning Institute’. Today, the company...
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PDCA International Ltd.

PDCA International Ltd. is an independent third-party auditing, certification, verification, and training body. PDCA International is a SAC-approved Higg FEM verifier body and trainer body, SLCP verifier and trainer body, and accredited certification body and trainer body for management systems,...
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Process Factory S.R.L

Sustainable Business Makers

Thanks to Process Factory experience in supporting the ZDHC roadmap implementation through the CHEM 4sustainability® protocol, we have been approved as ZDHC Training Provider and ZDHC InCheck Verifier.

4sustainability® is a registered trademark that guarantees...
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RTX Chemical Sustainability Management Systems® protocol is an operation tool that allows companies in the fashion and apparel sector to guarantee the chemical safety of the manufacturing process and finished product in compliance with REACH regulation and in line with ZDHC goals (Zero Discharge...
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SGS Hong Kong Limited (Global Softlines)

As part of the process control in the ZDHC strategic chemical management implementation, SGS provides training services according to the courses outlines by ZDHC Academy. SGS has joined ZDHC as a contributor and has been an Approved Training Provider (ATP) right after the launch of ZDHC Academy,...
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TM Denetim

TM Denetim is an engineering organization that provides training, certification and audit services on environmental, sustainability and chemical issues.

TM Audit provides support to businesses in the textile supply chain, starting from chemical manufacturers, to comply with international...
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TUV Rheinland Group

TÜV Rheinland’s DetoXperts enabling informed choices for Sustainable Fashion
TÜV Rheinland is a global independent testing, inspection, certifications service provider. The Group’s 19,900 employees work across 500 locations in 69 countries with the guiding principle to achieve sustained...
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UL Italy - IISG Srl

UL’s Sustainable Chemistry and Supply Chain Management Services
UL has been a contributor to the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme since 2017, supporting a vision of widespread implementation of sustainable chemistry and best practices in the textile, leather and footwear industries to protect...
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United Testing Services(Fujian)Co.,Ltd.

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