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Chemical Inventory Conformance Verification - Level 1

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ALGI has over a quarter-century of experience in auditing, verification, and assessment of Management Systems which allows us to oversee our role in the development of the creative economy, innovation, and new opportunities. As a pioneer in the industry, we have been able to see the global...
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AS INTERNATIONAL specializes in ensuring chemical safety and compliance in the textile and apparel industry. Our ZDHC InCheck Verifier service verifies chemical inventory conformance to Level 1 standards, helping businesses align with the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) framework. With...
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ASCP Services

ASCP Services[Anode Sustainability Certification Promotion Services Co., Ltd.] is a leading certification body specializing in sustainable product certification. We are dedicated to promoting responsible practices and driving positive change in the industry. With our expertise and commitment to...
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Bluwin Limited

BluWin - High Impact Climate Solutions
Consulting services
Having decades of experience in wet-processing, our consulting services help customers reduce the environmental footprint from textile, leather, apparel and footwear production.


Having the right skills and knowledge...
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BOKEN Quality Evaluation Institute

BOKEN is Japan’s leading comprehensive testing organization with neutral and fair that conducts testing and research with a focus on textiles. We are testing a wide range of products such as natural and chemical raw materials for all types of textiles and clothing.

BOKEN is Japan’s leading...
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Bronco Technology

Bronco Technology is a comprehensive provider of technical consulting, analysis, research and development, technical support, and technical service focusing on sustainability and ESG (environmental, social, governance) of the global supply chain. Bronco Technology is the authoritative Verifier Body...
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Bureau Veritas

BV CPS is a world-leading concept-to-consumer supply chain solutions partner working with organizations throughout the supply chain. With well in excess of 100 offices and laboratories spread around the world, we are proud to be the quality managers for many of the world’s leading brands,...
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Control Union

CU India Inspections and Certifications India Private Limited have vast experience in certification field. We provide services to various industries including Dyes and chemicals. We have approved more than 10000 chemical inputs of about 20 different countries. Auditors of CU India Inspections and...
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FITI Testing & Research Institute

FITI Testing & Research Institute (English abbreviation 'FITI [FITI TESTING & RESEARCH INSTITUTE]') is a non-profit foundation established under Article 32 of the Civil Act.
The Effort to Achieve Organizational Values and Objectives
Since establishment in 1965, FITI has been driven by achieving...
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GSCS International Limited

Be your Compliance Partner
Training Programs
ZDHC Approved Training Provider, ISO 9001, 14001, 22000, 19011 Accredited Lead Auditor Training Course, SLCP & Higg FEM Trainer Body, Chemical Management Trainer Body
GSCS International Ltd. is ZDHC Approved Training Provider, an accredited trainer...
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IDFL Laboratory and Institute Inc.

IDFL Laboratory & Institute is a leading institution renowned for its comprehensive services in the field of textiles, apparel, and consumer goods testing and analysis. With a commitment to quality and precision, we provide a wide range of services catering to industries such as fashion, sports,...
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A ZDHC Performance InCheck Report is based on the chemical inventory uploaded by a supplier via ToxClear or other solution providers approved by ZDHC. The quality of the Performance InCheck Report depends on the accuracy and completeness of the chemical inventory uploaded by suppliers.

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JFIS Technologies

JFIS – ZDHC Approved InCheck Verifier
We help you in getting confidence to your operation free from any hazardous chemical at input level instead of output level. Better chemical sustainability is achieved through verification of Supplier performance InCheck report which can be done through...
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Leadership & Sustainability Karin Ekberg GmbH

Leadership & Sustainability offers a broad and deep spectrum of sustainability solutions. To promote sustainable organisations and transform our world into one that is sustainable is a significant challenge that we embrace as an organisation.

We engage to understand how to change business models...
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