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Chemical Inventory Conformance Monitoring - Performance InCheck

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Bureau Veritas

BV CPS is a world-leading concept-to-consumer supply chain solutions partner working with organizations throughout the supply chain. With well in excess of 100 offices and laboratories spread around the world, we are proud to be the quality managers for many of the world’s leading brands,...
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CleanChain provides innovative solutions for textile, apparel, and footwear companies to enhance the environmental performance of their supply chains, focusing on chemical management. The platform facilitates tracking, assessment, and communication of chemical usage throughout the supply chain,...
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Supply Chain Environmental Solutions

Intertek is trusted by global apparel and footwear retailers, brands and manufacturers in implementing and assuring chemical management through:

Recognition by ZDHC as a third-party testing certifier to help companies demonstrate MRSL Level 1 conformance...
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Process Factory S.R.L

4sCHEM+ is an easy-to-use Platform, connected with the ZDHC Gateway: it allows you to evaluate your chemical inventory, improve it and generate official ZDHC Performance InCheck Reports via the Gateway to communicate the inventory conformance to the ZDHC MRSL with the Brand.
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Smart Cares by SGS

SGS SMART CARES by SGS is an advanced digital platform that takes you beyond compliance by supporting practical and actionable chemical management practices along the complete apparel and footwear supply chain.
Proactively improve your chemical inventory with one application that generates your...
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The BHive®

The BHive® is the leading chemical management platform in the textile and fashion industry, developed by sustainability consultancy GoBlu International Ltd.

Using OCR technology, The BHive® allows manufacturing facilities to take smartphone photos of chemical product labels, and within seconds...
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