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SCM-Training - Wastewater Management

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Bluwin Limited

BluWin - High Impact Climate Solutions
Consulting services
Having decades of experience in wet-processing, our consulting services help customers reduce the environmental footprint from textile, leather, apparel and footwear production.


Having the right skills and knowledge...
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BOKEN Quality Evaluation Institute

BOKEN is Japan’s leading comprehensive testing organization with neutral and fair that conducts testing and research with a focus on textiles. We are testing a wide range of products such as natural and chemical raw materials for all types of textiles and clothing.

BOKEN is Japan’s leading...
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Bureau Veritas

BV CPS is a world-leading concept-to-consumer supply chain solutions partner working with organizations throughout the supply chain. With well in excess of 100 offices and laboratories spread around the world, we are proud to be the quality managers for many of the world’s leading brands,...
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Cedfem engineering services llc

ÇEDFEM, 1994 yılından bu yana sanayi kuruluşlarına Çevre ve Kimyasal yönetimi konularında, yasal süreçlerin yönetimi, eğitim ve uygulamaya yönelik danışmanlık hizmeti vermektedir. Özellikle tekstil sektöründe saha tecrübesi ile sektörün Çevre ve Kimyasal yönetimi...
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Centrocot SpA

Centrocot is a certification, research and training center for companies throughout the textile, fashion and leather production chain. Founded in Busto Arsizio (Varese, Italy) in 1987, Centrocot today employs over 100 people and is recognized as an excellence in the industry. With eight...
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Innovation, training and technological assistance: concrete help

Present in Italy since 1983, the Centro Tessile Serico Sostenibile (CTSS) supports the companies of clothing and textile industry contributing to growth of textile culture and safeguarding industrial and artisanal heritage. With...
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FITI Testing & Research Institute

FITI Testing & Research Institute (English abbreviation 'FITI [FITI TESTING & RESEARCH INSTITUTE]') is a non-profit foundation established under Article 32 of the Civil Act.
The Effort to Achieve Organizational Values and Objectives
Since establishment in 1965, FITI has been driven by achieving...
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GSCS International Limited

Be your Compliance Partner
Training Programs
ZDHC Approved Training Provider, ISO 9001, 14001, 22000, 19011 Accredited Lead Auditor Training Course, SLCP & Higg FEM Trainer Body, Chemical Management Trainer Body
GSCS International Ltd. is ZDHC Approved Training Provider, an accredited trainer...
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Indigo Quality Management Consultancy PLC. provides consultancy and training service for quality management systems development and implementation, environmental, chemical, social compliance and sustainability requirements. We also conduct environmental, chemical, and social compliance audits and...
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Leadership & Sustainability Karin Ekberg GmbH

Leadership & Sustainability offers a broad and deep spectrum of sustainability solutions. To promote sustainable organisations and transform our world into one that is sustainable is a significant challenge that we embrace as an organisation.

We engage to understand how to change business models...
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Online Training on ZDHC Wastewater guidelines, CMS TIG, CMS TIG- Denim and others
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TESTEX is an international and independent Swiss testing and certification institute. We focus on testing and certifying textiles and leather products.

TESTEX is a traditional Swiss company. It was established back in 1846 as the ‘Zurich Silk Conditioning Institute’. Today, the company...
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Process Factory S.R.L

Sustainable Business Makers

Thanks to Process Factory experience in supporting the ZDHC roadmap implementation through the CHEM 4sustainability® protocol, we have been approved as ZDHC Training Provider and ZDHC InCheck Verifier.

4sustainability® is a registered trademark that guarantees...
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Ritex, a member of the Ecochem SPA group (an accredited laboratory according to the UNI EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard), offers both training and Chemical Management services related to industrial discharge management. Our team of experts boasts a chemical background enriched by years of experience in...
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